Solar Powered Car Ventilator, Redefined.


What is acool?

acool is the first of its kind, addressing all the problems of current car ventilators. It is custom-made, secure and solar powered by design, reducing substantially your exposure to the adverse health effects of high temperature and pollutants in parked cars.

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Reduction of 25°C

Green house effect can cause car inside temperature to rise 10℃ within 10 mins and to be 25℃ hotter than the outside temperature within an hour. acool can reduce inside temperature of a car up to 25℃.

Reduction of 80% VOCs

High in-car temperatures accelerate the release of VOCs from interior finishes. As the inside temperature of a car becomes hotter, more chemicals are released into the car. The concentrations of VOCs in a car can increase by up to 6 times within an hour. accol can reduce the concentrations of VOCs up to 80%.

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About Us

Our company

Phoenix Electronics and Toys Company Limited was established in 2007 and has been dedicated towards the development of innovative electronic products and solutions with added value.

Professional Team

acool was created in Hong Kong, which is famous for its hot and sunny summers. Our team consists of experienced electronics engineers, mechanical engineers, automotive specialists, and IT and logistics specialists.

Our Factory

Our factory in China has great experience and expertise in manufacturing, and great delivery records. The factory is equipped with full scale facilities mainly including high-speed mounters, re-flow soldering system, automatic bonders, wave soldering and injection moulding machines.

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